Genome Instability, Evolution and Human Diseases

St. Petersburg, Russia
June 14-17, 2013

Sergei G. Inge-Vechtomov
Youri I. Pavlov
Polina V. Shcherbakova


Visas and Travel

Russian visa

Visitors to Russia must hold a valid passport. Passports should be valid for at least three months after your planned departure (to be sure, check with the Russian consulate in your country). Nationals of most countries are required to obtain visas, see Invited speakers and registered participants will receive a package with an invitation, which will allow them to apply for the visa.
It is strongly advised that you apply for the visa immediately upon receiving the invitation to avoid expedited processing fees.



By air

Saint Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport (LED) is ~25 km from the city center and Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge. Direct flights to the Pulkovo airport are available from most major European cities. Travelers from overseas countries need to take connecting flights through one of the European airports. Connecting flights through Moscow are offered by travel agencies but are not recommended.

The Pulkovo airport is connected to the city subway or directly to the hotels by buses and taxis. Detailed information on travel to the destination hotels is available at the information kiosk. Transportation services from the airport to the hotels and back will be offered for the meeting participants (advance reservations are required).

Car $55 / 1650 rubles
Minivan ~$11-$22 (330-660 rubles) per person
Bus (availability depends on the participants’ arrival and departure schedule) $5-10 (160-320 rubles) per person


By train

Five major railroad stations in St. Petersburg (Moscow Station, Finland Station, Vitebsk Station, Ladoga Station, and Baltic Station) are within 10 km from Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge and are immediately adjacent to the city subway stations. To request a railroad station pick-up/drop-off service, please contact the organizers.